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Nova Corbyn

Nova Corbyn. Market leader in the plastic injection, we present our product line to Signaling Technology.
We tried all kinds of plastic injection and extrusion technical infrastructure of high technology, which ensure the highest quality.
We design and develop the projects, we make the molds, polish and serigrafiamos parts for the product to be delivered perfectly finished and all warranties.
Nova Corbyn. was founded in 1998 by a partner with over 15 years experience in the sector. The company focuses on the production of all kinds of industrial parts, plastic injection and extrusion for various sectors.
The company primarily targets the Catalan market, but carries out activities increasingly in the rest of Spain and other countries, such as Germany and France.
The company philosophy is to offer customers a comprehensive service that includes technical advice, parts and injection molds and tooling development involved in the process, which oversees construction. For this the company has a team of great experience and latest equipment which enabled incipient start a own product line.
For the future, the company’s goal is to increase the proportion of capital relative to products made ​​to order and hence the motivation for the development of R & D within the company and why this project.

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Sisllum, Senyal lluminosa intermitent

Nova Corbyn S.A. posa a disposició dels seus clientes un nou producte, que presenta unes importants millores tècniques en el mon de la seguretat: el SISLLUM. La principal característica del [...]

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